Anastasia Emelyanova holds degrees in Health Sciences and Social Work. Her doctoral thesis entitled "Cross-regional analysis of population aging in the Arctic" was defended in November 2015, at the University of Oulu (Finland), Centre for Arctic Medicine. She is an active member of the University of the Arctic Thematic Network of Health and Well-being in the Arctic, focusing on collaboration within the Barents and Nordic contexts in particular. Her main research interests include the Arctic demography, population aging, projections of northern populations’ change, human health and well-being under northern conditions, and social policy in the respective fields.

Dr. Emelyanova first came to IIASA in 2011 as a participant of the Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) when her work focused on aging in the circumpolar territories of Russia. She returned to IIASA's World Population (POP) program in April 2016, to contribute to the reconstruction of demographic data and specific projections of population changes in the sub-regions of Arctic localities, as such projections are often not available at a holistic manner, vary widely between existing attempts, do not explain the socioeconomic reasons behind projected demographic changes, and have never taken into account human capital variables, e.g. educational attainment. Dr. Emelyanova is the second post-doctoral scholar to be part of the development team of the IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative.

Areas of Expertise

  • Arctic Health and Wellbeing
  • Demography on Ageing
  • Population Ageing
  • Social Policy for Old Age
  • Social Exclusion

Research Areas

Curriculum Vitae

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Affiliation: IIASA
E-Mail: emelyan@iiasa.ac.at
Phone: +43(0) 2236 807 303

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