Saroja Adhikari



Saroja Adhikari is a Research Assistant with the IIASA World Population, where she is working on the Nepal case study as part of the ERC advanced grant ''The Demography of Sustainable Human Wellbeing''- EmpoweredLifeYears.
Having taught statistics and business research at the University in Nepal, in April 2019, Ms. Adhikari joined the research NGO in Nepal "Digital Data System for Development (DDSD)" as a data analyst. Currently, she is writing a paper on the labor force status of Nepal and has shared some of the results of it as a poster in an Asian forum in Shanghai.

Ms. Adhikari received her master's degree in statistics from Tribhuvan University, Nepal (2018). She wrote her master's thesis about the knowledge and practice status of menstrual hygiene among adolescent schoolgirls.

Areas of Expertise

  • Population modeling
  • Population projections
  • Labor force analysis

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Affiliation: IIASA

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