Congratulations! Judith Kohlenberger, Isabella Buber-Ennser & Bernhard Rengs have received the Kurt-Rothschild-Award 2019

13 NOV 2019

Judith Kohlenberger, Isabella Buber-Ennser and Bernhard Rengs have received the Kurt-Rothschild-Award 2019 for their "Displaced Persons in Austria Survey (DiPAS): Education, Qualifications and Moral Concepts of Refugees in Austria."

In his works, Kurt Rothschild has repeatedly called for putting economic research in a broader context. In order to reach meaningful conclusions that take into account the social, political and ecological conditions for economic processes, political economics has to account for the interaction between economic systems, societies and natural environments (Rothschild, 1989). In this spirit, the Kurt-Rothschild-Award 2019 is given to researchers and projects that direct their focus of analysis towards this immanent embeddedness of economic developments. This year’s awardees accept the additional challenges, complexities and difficulties that come with such an approach and put them at the centre of their work.


Foto Credit: © Astrid Knie/Renner Institut


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