The Subjective Cost of Young Children: A European Comparison

25 MAY 2022

In this study, Sonja Spitzer and Bernhard Binder-Hammer analyse how the birth of a child affects the economic situation of young parents in Europe.

WIC Fact Sheet Economic Demography

23 MAY 2022

The links between population structure and dynamics and economic development are the topic of this fact sheet.

The Future of Fertility - The desire to have children for mid-30s and older persons

23 MAY 2022

Eva Beaujouan and her team investigate the biological, individual and contextual conditions related to this desire. Photo credit: © RIVA, Maddalena Carrai

Join us!

19 MAY 2022

VID is offering a PHD STUDENT POSITION (F*M) (part-time / 30h per week) to join the research group on Economic Demography.

Fact Sheet longevity, health, well-being

16 MAY 2022

The new WIC fact sheet focuses on differences and trends in life expectancy. (in German)

Fact sheet migration

11 MAY 2022

This WIC fact sheet is dedicated to the complex social phenomenon migration. (in German)

Fact Sheet climate change and demography

29 APR 2022

Now available in English! This WIC fact sheet summarizes the contribution of demography to climate research.

Population dynamics under global climate change - 29 Apr 2022 10 AM Eastern Time - Online

19 APR 2022

Raya Muttarak is invited to present her research on population dynamics in the presence of global climate change in a virtual seminar organized by CUNY.

Global migration flows by sex

15 APR 2022

Guy Abel and Joel E. Cohen have updated bilateral international migration flow estimates and refined them by sex, published in Scientific Data.

Social inclusion of refugee women

12 APR 2022

In a new book, Bernhard Rengs, Isabella Buber-Ennser and colleagues look at the role of the family in the integration of refugee women.


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