Josephine Borghi




Josephine Borghi leads the Social Cohesion, Health, and Wellbeing Research Group in the IIASA Population and Just Societies Program. Her research focuses on understanding the effect of health financing reforms on health systems, health outcomes, and equity. She has a particular interest in health systems and financing, as well as the impact of climate change and other global challenges, like COVID-19 on the ability of health systems to deliver effective and affordable services to the population. She is also interested in the design and effect of policy interventions targeted at making health systems more sustainable and resilient to future shocks. Josephine’s background is in health economics and she has experience leading research projects involving a range of methods including: economic evaluation of health care programs, mixed methods evaluation of complex interventions and theories of change, and most recently, system dynamics and agent based modeling. Her research is primarily focused on vulnerable populations, such as mothers and children, refugees, and poor populations in low- and middle-income settings. As part of her professional experience, Josephine had the opportunity to conduct research in a variety of countries all over the world, including Brazil, China, Lebanon, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, West Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Areas of Expertise

  • Health Economics
  • Mixed Methods Evaluation
  • Equity
  • Systems Thinking


Affiliation: IIASA

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