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15 AUG 2017

Daniela Weber and Ivan Frankovic will be Austrian delegate to the prestigious 6th Lindau (Nobel Laureate) Meeting on Economic Sciences.

ÖIF publishes new Research Report "Religious Denominations in Austria"

10 AUG 2017

Centre scientists Anne Goujon, Sandra Jurasszovich and Michaela Potancokova conducted the corresponding research and authored the report.

Peace Symposium

3 AUG 2017

Wolfgang Lutz and Anastasia Emelyanova will present their research in the Finish town of Uusikaupunki, 10-11 August 2017.

Refugees in Austria

2 AUG 2017

Judith Kohlenberger presents results from the Centre's Displaced Persons in Austria Survey (DiPAS) at Ö1 series "Religion aktuell" (in German).

Demography featured in The Economist

2 AUG 2017

Tomas Sobotka's research is featured in the article: "The rise of childnessness. More adults are not having children. That is much less worrying than it appears."

Springer Nature added an article by Centre scientist Anna Matysiak to their "Change the World" selection

31 JUL 2017

“Country-Specific Conditions for Work and Family Reconciliation: An Attempt at Quantification” (co-author: D. Weziak-Bialowolska) was selected.

Applying demographic methods and concepts to the study of vulnerability to global environmental change

25 JUL 2017

Raya Muttarak will present new research at the TIES-GRASPA 2017 conference in Bergamo, 26 Jun 2017.

Global aging and health

18 JUL 2017

Sergei Scherbov and Orawan Prasitsiriphon will present latest research from the Reaging project at the 21st IAGG World Congress.

"Integration and participation in the Austrian labor market: the refugees’ perspective" - Project report by Dirar Alshwikh Alabd

17 JUL 2017

Dirar Alshwikh Alabd, a trained lawyer from Aleppo, joined the Centre as WU trainee and supported the Displaced Persons in Austria Survey (DiPAS).

Isabella Buber-Ennser and Judith Kohlenberger held a seminar at the Children's University

14 JUL 2017

The two Centre scientists offered a seminar on “Who are the refugees?” and presented results from the “Displaced Persons in Austria Survey (DiPAS)”.


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