Predoc vacancies at the Wittgenstein Centre - IIASA, VID/OeAW

14 FEB 2020

The successful candidates will join the Vienna Doctoral School in Demography - part of the broader Doctoral School in Social Sciences of the Univ. of Vienna.

Vacancy: Tenure-Track Professorship for the field of Demography and Human Capital Formation

3 FEB 2020

This position is to be filled at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna. Deadline: 18 March 2020.

Weighting for better health measures

29 JAN 2020

A new paper by Sonja Spitzer looks at biases in health expectancies due to educational differences in survey participation of older Europeans.

Aging Demographic Data Sheet 2020

27 JAN 2020

This Data Sheet comprehensively presents new measures of aging, developed at the Wittgenstein Centre, for all countries in the world and world regions

A new Horizon2020 grant quantifies migration scenarios for better policy

13 JAN 2020

WIC researchers partner in a new European Union funded project that will have a focus on future migration in Europe.

Out now: VYPR 2019!

18 DEC 2019

The latest issue of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research on "Population Ageing and Intergenerational Redistribution" is available online now.

Corresponding Research Areas: Population Economics

Is half the world’s population really below ‘replacement-rate’?

3 DEC 2019

In a new paper published in PLOS one, Stuart Gietel-Basten and Sergei Scherbov try to answer this question.

Informing better policies for an aging population

29 NOV 2019

A new book by Warren Sanderson and Sergei Scherbov published with Harvard University Press offers an opportunity to rethink how we define and measure aging.

Corresponding Research Areas: Forecasting and Ageing

Science into public policy: UN and UK use WIC research on population aging

26 NOV 2019

WIC research on population aging is increasingly being accepted and used in the international scientific and public policy community.

Corresponding Research Areas: Forecasting and Ageing, Health and Longevity

A new Horizon2020 grant explores the patterns, motivations and modalities of migration

25 NOV 2019

WIC researchers partner in a new European Union funded project that will have a focus on future migration in Europe.

Corresponding Research Areas: Human Capital Data Lab, Migration: Drivers and Impacts


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The Wittgenstein Centre aspires to be a world leader in the advancement of demographic methods and their application to the analysis of human capital and population dynamics. In assessing the effects of these forces on long-term human well-being, we combine scientific excellence in a multidisciplinary context with relevance to a global audience. It is a collaboration among the Department of Demography of the University of Vienna, the World Population Program of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (VID/ÖAW).

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