The global macroeconomic burden of road injuries amounts to US$1·8 trillion in 2015–30

20 SEP 2019

In a new paper published in The Lancet, M. Kuhn, K. Prettner and colleagues present the sizeable costs and show that they are distributed unequally.

The future is now: Science for achieving sustainable development

11 SEP 2019

The United Nations launched a Global Sustainable Development Report that is based on the work of 15 independent scientists, among them Wolfgang Lutz.

Addressing causes of mortality in Zambia

23 AUG 2019

A new paper published in Tropical medicine and International Health, Nandita Saikia and colleagues look at adult mortality in sub-Saharan Africa based on a cross-sectional study of causes of death in Zambia.

US Aging Data Dheet

22 AUG 2019

The first US Aging Data Sheet comprehensively presents traditional and new measures of aging, for all US states.

Examining the link between caste and under-five mortality in India

20 AUG 2019

In a new paper published in PLOS ONE, Jayanta Bora, Wolfgang Lutz and colleagues discuss the persistent influence of caste on under-five mortality:

Understanding life expectancy

9 AUG 2019

In this article Marc Luy et al. demonstrate the sensitivity of life expectancy to sudden changes and call for caution against making premature conclusions.

Corresponding Research Areas: Health and Longevity

POPNET Nr. 50 out now!

26 JUL 2019

Read about our current research, latest publications, and information on forthcoming meetings and conferences.

Wolfgang Lutz elected member of the Academia Europaea

16 JUL 2019

Lutz was successful in the competitive membership election process of the pan-European Academy of Humanities, Letters, Law, and Sciences.

Join us!

15 JUL 2019

Our Human Capital Data Lab is looking for a Post Doc, application deadline: 23 Aug 2019.

Demographic analysis with applications to aging and health

18 JUN 2019

Sergei Scherbov is leading a workshop for junior scientists and professionals at Chulalongkorn University, 4-22 Nov 2019. Application deadline: 2 Aug.


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